Lifeguard Instructor Certification Courses Training Lifeguarding Classes Lifeguard Instructor Certification Courses. Lifeguard-Pro certifications are accepted or approved by all 50 U.S. states across the nation  and over 30 countries around the world. Lifeguard-Pro is widely recognized "World Leader in Water Safety & Rescue".

World's Most Convenient Lifeguard Instructor Certification Course. Lifeguard-Pro is dedicated to reducing the total number of deaths by drownings worldwide. To accomplish this goal, Lifeguard-Pro has made public aquatic safety training more convenient and available than ever before.

Lifeguard Instructor certification is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Lifeguard Instructor (includes CPR & First Aid Instructor)
2. REGISTER & BUY YOUR HOME-STUDY COURSE. Register for your Lifeguard Instructor certification course, and purchase the online Home-Study Course.  Register Now.
3. SCHEDULE & ATTEND IN-PERSON TRAINING SESSION. Schedule & attend your local 1-2 day local In-Person Training Session. Pick any day you want. You do not have to wait for a group to assemble in your local area. Our instructors will teach you even if you are the only student in the class!
Lifeguarding Instructor Certification is Easy!


 Part 1 of 2:  Online Home-Study Course


Online Home-Study Course. The online Home-Study Course includes access to all of your course required textbooks, videos, exams, forms, and study materials. Once you purchase your online Home-Study Course, we'll email you an assigned Username & Password, so that you can immediately login to and begin your Lifeguard Instructor certification course from anywhere in the world. Start Your Lifeguard Instructor certification course now!

  • Lifeguard Instructor Online Home-Study Course (Duration: approximately 24.0 hours)

The Lifeguard-Pro online Home-Study Course allows you to progress at your own pace. You can study in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and stop and start as often as you like. Start your Lifeguarding class today!  Register Now.


Part 2 of 2:  In-Person Training


Scheduling Your In-Person Training Session.  As a Connecticut Authorized Service Provider of Lifeguard-Pro, we offer convenient In-Person Training Sessions in every major city in Connecticut. Simply request a convenient training date in your local area, we'll take care of the rest. Our instructors will teach you--even if you're the only candidate enrolled in the class!  No longer do you need to wait for a group to assemble in your local area.  Register Now.

Participating in Your In-Perston Training Session. After completing your online Home-Study Course, attend your local 1-2 day In-Person Training Session on the day that you reserved.

  • Lifeguard Instructor Certification Course  (Duration 24.0 hours or less conducted over 2-3 days)

The Lifeguard-Pro In-Person Training Session will teach you all of the physical skills required for your certification.  Register Now.

Buy Your Home-Study Course & Schedule Your In-Person Training Session


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